The world´s best Dirt Riders will know how to work the Set-Up to deliver the expected; “Big Tricks”! Markus Hampl and Benni Paulsen are in charge of a proper line and prove once more that they are the Top-Shapers in business.

From the launch tower the guys will hit the first 33 foot gap to go straight on the 20 foot Step-Up Kicker, then through the Speed Turn towards the Step-Down, hopefully ending up with enough speed to pull out a banger on the last kicker.


Park / Street

In the Park Area the riders will find Bowl Corners, tons of transfer possibilities, Quarterpipes, Spines, Wallrides and a big center piece Jumpbox.

We also have some good news for all the street fans out there. For the very first time in BMX Worlds` history there will be a Street Contest. The Street Section is brand new and the riders will find different lines with a Stairset, Rails and Ledges.


As first part of the BMX Worlds Setup we would like to present you the discipline Vert. The Ramp comes in fine beechwood and will be shipped over by our friends from Switzerland. With a width of 15 m and a height of 3,80 m the riders will have a proper setup to show what´s going on in the world of vertical ramps.